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    Alicia P. Hadida-Hassan, LCSW, RPT-S
Lacanian Orientation in Clinical Practice
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Linking Forces Annual Children’s Mental Health Conference

  • The decision of maintaining opened a Differential Diagnosis during treatment.
    DSM-IV: From Disruptive Behavior D. to Depressive D. with psychotic features to Schizoaffective Disorder. Neurosis or Psychosis? Case presentation.
    Miami, May 20, 2002.
  • Truly Metaphors: A child’s journey: a case study in play therapy. The language of the child: fantasy and reality. The importance of Fantasy in working with trauma and repression. Case presentation.
    May 23, 2003.

First American Encounter in Lacanian Orientation-Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Trauma and Responsibility, how the analyst intervenes? The paradoxes of Public Mental Health: from abuse-to victim-to revictimization.
    Group work from NEL- Miami. Personal case presentation.
    September 12, 2003.

Florida Center for Research & Development in Psychoanalysis, NEL-Miami

  • The power of words and the limits of the meaning: the language of the Unconscious involves “juissance” (juis-sens: in French, satisfaction through meaning-substitute satisfaction).Three theories about symptoms by Jacques Lacan and three possible treatments in therapy.
    Introduction to the program of Dr. Leonardo Gorostiza, November 3, 2003.



About becoming an Analyst and how to hold the Desire

(in Spanish) in Logos 1,
series tri Grama Ed, Buenos Aires, 2003.


Managed Care and Psychotherapy: a game about Joggling and Juggling

(in Spanish) in Wannabe # 38, online for nel-debates (New Lacanian School),


Applied Psychoanalysis with Children in Managed Care.

About hate and divorce: the fight between parents to hold the properties: the Child, an object at the balance. How they play along with the system through Psychotherapy and the protective Law by allegations of abuse toward the total custody. Case study: the child as the symptom of the couple: from soldier to joker.
Submitted for in coming The Wannabe,



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